3 May

Green Hotel Project

Arthaya Villa Hotel

Arthaya Villa Hotel is proud to be a member of Zero Carbon Resorts (ZCR http://zerocarbonresorts.eu) for a sustainable tourism. We are thereby recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility and taking measures to preserve the environment and promote environmental awareness, and is intending to increase efforts in the future to be a green hotel.

Guests are invited to participate in eco-friendly hotel activities.

We invite guests to join us in taking care of the world. Guests can participate in how they are using bed linen and towels repeatedly to save water and reduce the use of chemicals in the washing process.

Arthaya Villa Hotel commitment: Energy conservation

• The hotel uses solar energy in combination with electricity.
• We have in-room electronic key card system.
• We clean air hose and air filter every 6 months.
• We have a preventive maintenance program for cleaning air conditioners every month to maximize energy efficiency.
• We have temperature control system in the refrigerator in all guest rooms.
•  We use LED Energy Saving Lamps in every room and in the hotel.
•  We have a goal of reducing electricity consumption by constantly adjusting our operational procedures.
•  We use sensor electric bulbs for automatic reduction of electricity consumption.
•  The lights are turned off in the guests room where no guest are in.
•  Hot water in some of the guest rooms are made from room heat exchangers and in the future, they will be added to every room.
•  The service interval in some parts, such as laundry service, pool usage and cleaning service is modified in time to reduce energy consumption.

Conservation of water

• The jacuzzi tub in the swimming pool will be closed when not in use.
• We reduce the consumption of water for cleaning bathrooms and other areas by using natural cleaning products that require less water.
•  We monitor water leaks regularly.
• We use water saving faucets in all rooms and public areas.
• We restrict the use of dishwashers to a full container only.
• We encourage employees to avoid the keep open faucet while washing dishes.
• Waste water re-use is used to water the plants.
• We choose plants that require less water.
• Watering the garden take place in the morning and evening only to prevent the evaporation of the water during the hottest part of the day.

Management of waste.

• We use microorganisms (bacteria) for our wastewater treatment system.
• All waste is separated and recycled appropriately by type: wet garbage, dry waste, glass, plastic.
• Advocacy to increase the use of glass and reduce the use of plastic.
• Dried leaf is applied as fertilizer.

Environmental quality of outdoor areas.

•  Car and motorbike engines, while parked, are asked to be turned off to reduce noise and pollution.
• The hotel is built with a lot of open areas (corridors, lobbies, restaurants) to reduce the use of air conditioners and fans to help increase the circulation of fresh air.
• Trees were planted along the road to prevent dust and noise from traffic and for cooling the area.
• We have collected and strategically planted the trees in a move to reduce the heating up of the indoor areas, as well as to prevent the dehydration of the soil.

Chemical products.

• We use chemical products only when absolutely necessary.
• We use only cleaning products that are environmentally friendly.
• Our fertilizers are made from natural raw materials that can decompose.
• We choose organic fruits, vegetables, whenever possible, and use only organically grown flowers.
• No use of chemicals in the planting of trees and flowers in the hotel.


• We separate paper, and sell cardboard, bottles and vegetable oil.
• We use a system of paper recycling in the office administration.

The procurement side.

• We purchase or procure products and services that have an minimal impact on the environment. We buy locally and seasonally, in order to reduce transport needs and impact on the environment.
• We use the fire extinguisher which is environmentally friendly.

Environmental activity

• We work actively to encourage the local community and employees to help to preserve and protect the environment
•   We are promoting community activities, or other organizations to help a green environment.
• Cleaning the beach or road in front of the hotel regularly.

The Office side.

• Employees using paper and recycled envelopes.
• Employees use energy-saving light bulbs
• Support green projects actively, and create a good example for all employees.
• Encourage employees to close windows and doors when the use of air conditioning.
• Encourage employees to turn off lights and air conditioners, electrical equipment after leaving office.

Training employees.

• Training staff in regard to energy conservation (e.g. water, air conditioning, computer, turned off the lights and other electrical equipment).
•  Training program to educate employees about environmentally friendly projects.
• Meeting regularly with employees to encourage employee awareness and action on energy reduction and environmental responsibility.
•  By an on-going training of all staff in the Green Hotel Concept, the Arthaya Villa Hotel shows responsibility to the environment.

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